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ing, spokeswoman of the Olympic Vi

et plum sauce before being wrapped into a thin pancake along with th

s also making constant innovations to its duck dishes, including a r▓oast duck de-greased with

Chinese onion and cucumber.According to Olympic caterer

vegetable juice.Other▓ popular roast duck restaurants include Ya Wang ▓(King Roast Duck) and Li

y have hired chefs from the 136-year-old Quanjude Beijing Ro▓ast Du

Qun, a courtyard restaurant. For ▓a more Western-style Peking Duck, many pe▓ople visit Made in C

prepare the duck, also a gourmet's choice for the Chines

hina, which offers a wide range▓ of Chinese foods with a modern twist, with wines to matc▓h them

aditional style.According to Deng, four-time Olympic table tennis ch

.浼氳瘽 A锛堟牎鍥噷銆傦級灏忔睙锛氬お濂戒簡锛佹垜浠幓鍝竴瀹讹紵灏忔睙锛氬ソ锛屾潕鑰佸▓笀锛?/p>

almost a househol

鏄?鍎?瑙侊紒Translation:(In the school grounds.)Xia▓o Jiang: Teacher Li, I hear that Quanjude's roast duck is really delicious!Li Hong: Xiao

ina, the canteen

Jiang, you haven't eaten roast duck yet? Haven't yo▓u heard the saying "You'

  • s in the Olympic
    8.00 - 16.00
  • Village hav
    9.30 - 15.30
  • e set a wo
    9.30 - 17.00

rld record in

re not a hero if▓ you haven't been to the Great Wall; you're full of regret if you haven't eaten roast duck!"Xiao Jiang: I'm not really a h

and regions, se

tting ▓a new record

ero, but it would be a bit▓ of a regret.Li Hong: How about this, tomorrow we go to Quanjude together to have roast duck, my ▓treat.Xia

in the Olympic history,"

o Jiang: That's great! Which one should we go to?Li Hong: Mm, let's go to the Hepingmen Roast Duck Restauran▓t! That one is near the su

she said.Duck fighting

bway, it's convenient.Xiao Jiang: Teacher Li, I won't have any regrets tomorrow.Li Hong: Xiao Jiang, six o'clock tomorrow evening, be

Among the fast-cha

t▓here or be square.Xiao Jiang: OK, Teacher Li, see you tomorrow!Beijing roast duck is thought to be one of the most delicious dishes

nging trends of in

all ove▓r the world; most visitors coming to Beijing will never forget to have a try.There are two different schools of roasting duc

ternational cuisin

k. Some r▓estaurants make use of a close oven and straw as the fuel, which won't make flames go directly onto the duck. Before being

e, Peking Duck i


s a rare enduring classi

put into the oven, a▓ duck is filled with specially-made soup to make it possible to roast the duck outside and b

▓c, with a history

oil it ins▓ide at the same time.Some restaurants use an ov▓en without a door. After a kind of dressing bein▓g spr

stretching back 1,60

ead all over a duck, it will be hooked up in the ov▓en over the flame coming directly from the burning of▓ the fru

Clinic Rooms
Happy Patients

ues are not just single re

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    problems occur, the person in charge can be traced.According to s▓ources, this traceable barcode dates back ▓to last year鈥檚 Olympic Games. The Yayuncun outlet has been a

  • img

    test center for the barcode. The traceable barcode will be a permanent fixture for food safety in Quanjude, but it will not affect prices. Meanwhile, all the data will be i

  • img

    nput into a unified dat▓abase, which can be publicly accessed by consumers.Reporters learned that every barcode is unique. After th▓e barcode is input, consumers will be able

staurants but chai


ude (the name▓ means "a complete gathering

to find information about the duck, including its place of origin, how it was reared, what it was fed, its environment, information on immunization and the store that t▓he duck was sold at. If a


hain serving it. Da Dong, named after its

problem occurs, the person responsible will be found according to the original records.Quanjude explained on July 22 that after August 8, consumers can input the unique barcode of any d▓uck into


ist on Shandong and Beijing foods.The grand-

computers at any outlet or go to Beij▓ing Food Safety Administration website to search for▓ the information.Quanjude also said that they are still studying to see if this information▓-tracking ser

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